Mobile Gaming
Retain more users, keep them active, improve your ROI
Most mobile gaming verticals, including casual, hyper-casual, adventure, puzzles, sports and fantasy leagues, are suffering from low retention. The mobile gaming industry estimates above 70% second-day churn, and 97% 30-day churn. In an industry as competitive as gaming, having an edge by knowing users' interest, real-time intent, behavioral patterns, and interaction with similar games can prove critical against the fierce competition over users’ attention.
Streaming & Media
Understand cross-app viewing patterns, improve subscriber conversion, keep viewers coming back
Streaming is undergoing fundamental changes, with screen-time growing due to the current "Stay Home" trend, and where users have up to 5 different streaming apps per household, competition over viewers' time and attention becomes critical. We are offering new insights and data on users' content preferences and watching patterns, allowing our streaming clients to improve notification effectiveness, content recommendations, and investment strategy in original shows.
Ride Sharing & Food Delivery Apps
Understand & predict cross-app ordering patterns, fine-tune personalized offers
Ride-sharing and food delivery are among the most competitive verticals out there. The 2-sided marketplace, network effects, and "winner takes all" market structure make a challenging space where existing apps are still burning cash while new services face a huge barrier to entry. In those verticals, any competitive advantage can be the difference between fading out and winning the market. StreamSights can offer the best solution to learn about user cross-app engagement, live intent, trends, and behavioral patterns. These insights allow our clients to adjust in real-time and gain advantage faster.
Business & Team Apps
Discover more user needs, detect interations with similar apps, prevent churn during competitors' trial period
The remote workplace is evolving rapidly, adjusting to the new market conditions with the "Work from Home" trend, and remote team management. Many new apps pop up, offering collaboration, coding, business video chat, project management, HR, and more. In an industry that is already crowded and is based on SaaS solutions where the cost of changing is relatively low, players should consider a more holistic competitive retention strategy to deal with customers constantly evaluating new alternative products.
Fitness Apps
Analyze interaction with complementary apps, push better offers and content, maximize value for users
Positively impacted by the "New Normal", which forces people to exercise from home, fitness is one of the fast-growing categories in recent months. There are as many apps as fitness practices, and because fitness & lifestyle changes require a holistic approach (exercise, nutrition, meditation), companies need to understand the complete fitness plan and routine of the users. Understanding the users’ constantly changing needs is critical for offering the most relevant features, content, and personalization, increasing conversion, and keeping users happy.
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