Welcome to the future of
Competitive Retention
and Engagement

Welcome to the future of
Competitive Retention & Engagement

Boost your engagement, retention, and revenue by acting on your users' 360° behavioral patterns in real-time.
Boost your engagement, retention, and revenue by acting on your users' 360° behavioral patterns in real-time.
Know your users better. Win them over competition.
Real-time user intent
Better understnad your users' interests and intent, analyze behavioral patterns, and predict the best timing to engage.
360° user engagement
Discover estimated time allocation across verticals, find unexpected correlations, and benchmark your performance.
Automate retention & growth
Create triggers and alerts based on real-time or predicted intent, send the perfect offer to the right users, at the right moment.
Automate Churn Prevention
Detect users who are about to churn to a competitor, and give them a better offer.
Boost Acquisition ROI
Identify your highest performing users, and target look-alikes based on a deeper insight.
Increase Conversion
Analyze users who are likely to subscribe after a trial, and send the right conversion offer.
More Engagement & Spend
Redirect user spend to your app or game, just before they interact with a competitor.
Boost Cross-Promotion
Discover new advertising, sponsors, and partnership opportunities with other apps.

Privacy-first analytics in action

StreamSights is designed for the age of privacy. Our platform is up-to-date with new data privacy regulations and platform updates. We provide a fully-managed consent system, make sure data is encrypted and isolated per client, and support on-device encrypted storage for extra privacy.

We use a privacy-aware AI to predict intent and engagement across apps, games, and streaming content, without using any identifiable information.

Managed Consent
Fully-managed user consent, auto-adjusted to local rules
Signal Analytics
Openly available, non-identifiable signals
Privacy-aware AI
Infer user engagement and intent, without identification
Secure Storage
Data is stored encrypted and siloed per client

What market leaders have to say?

StreamSights is a game-changer, they're able to complete the picture for our clients and help to predict 1st-day churn with a new dimension of data.
Biz-dev Consultant @ Leading AI platform.
360 deg. data is really helpful for content strategy, 1st-day churn prevention, and improving existing retention and automation pipelines.
Data Analyst @ Mobile gaming
This is very valuable and will help us complete much more efficiently. You have my full attention.
Founder @ Leading food delivery company.
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