Next level video streaming insights

We provide leading streaming services, content creators and advertisers with better visibility into audiences, competitors and content performance

Discover detailed insights about competitors' content and audience

Competitive insights
Detect exact time in video, audio \ video quality, audio and subtitles language, etc.
Content recommendation
Boost your content recommendations with data collected from other streaming services
Content-based profiling
Better profiling powered by favourite content on all streaming platforms and devices
Live stream demographics
Detailed demographics for live streaming, including age, gender, geo and interests
Live sentiment analysis
Measure audiences engagement, emotional responses and content impact

A huge leap in content recognition technology

Our video streaming analytics framework leverages the latest innovations in cyber, such as real-time fingerprinting algorithms, fusion of multiple data sources and behavioural profiling, to deliver the most accurate and large-scale streaming insights.

Who is it for?

Streaming Services
Improve visibility into competing services, audiences and content
Platforms & Devices
Boost personalization, content suggestion and ad conversion
Studios & Content Creators
Know your audience and competition, boost data-driven content creation
StreamSights provides unique data insights for video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Twitch and YouTube, by using the latest innovations derived from the cyber world.

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